How do you brush your teeth?

Do you think plaque can only be removed by brushing and rubbing your teeth? That is a big mistake. Plaque is a bacterial mass. Bacteria have an adhesive quality and stick to the teeth that eventually becomes tartar and causes harm to your teeth. It has been believed until recently that rubbing it off with toothbrush was the correct way to remove plaque. However, plaque can be peeled off easily if done correctly.

Let’s say that plaque is ketchup. Do you use a broom to clean the ketchup on the floor? Or do you adsorbed it on a cloth or mop? Same can be said with plaque. Plaque can be effectively removed by roller brush that sticks and absorbs plaque.

Roll’n Catch effectively removes plaque

Bristles play an important role in removing plaque. Though the average toothbrush only has 1,200 to 2,000 bristles, Roll’n Catch has 17,600 (for adults), which is equivalent to 8 to 15 toothbrushes, with 3-4 times the density.

One of the Roll’n Catch users had commented that “Roll’n Catch is like a vacuum cleaner, while the regular toothbrush is like a broom”.

Roll’n Catch cleans your teeth easily by simply rolling the brush lightly on your teeth. It makes you wonder why you’ve been brushing so hard all this time.

No pain

Roll’n Catch uses ultra-thin bristles that are super soft. Each bristle is 0.003in(0.076mm), which is more than 30% thinner than the regular toothbrush bristles that are 0.005 – 0.006in (0.120 – 0.150mm). Therefore, it will not hurt the delicate mouth of small children. Most children do not brush between the teeth, because it hurts their gums. For the same reason, even adults suffer from cavities and periodontal disease caused by plaque between the teeth and gums.

Roll’n Catch does not “rub” the teeth and gums. It simply rolls on the surface of the teeth like a gentle roller vacuum. One of the users commented, “I have been suffering from inflammation of my gums until now. But after I started using Roll’n Catch, my gums stopped bleeding in about 5 days and got pink and healthy again.”

Long lasting

Roll’n Catch features low irritant soft bristles and super plaque-removing power. It soothingly massages gums (as recommended by dentists) and removes dental plaque in hard to reach places like between teeth and gums. Since the brush rolls lightly, the bristles do not wear easily and last longer compared to a standard toothbrush.

We recommend replacing every three months, which is three times more than a regular toothbrush. The key is to roll lightly. If too much force is applied, not only will the brush wears faster, but it decreases the efficiency of removing plaque.

Awards/Sales Results


Grand Prize / 12th Gift Show in Shanghai Trending products Contest 2016 

Sold 12,000pcs within an hour in TV shopping channels (Japan) 


Q. Can you really remove plaque by rolling the brush?

A. Yes, it can efficiently remove plaque easily. Please check the video on this page.

Q. Do you need toothpaste?

A. No, it’s not necessary. Please just wet the brush before use.
Toothpaste may decrease the efficiency of the brush to remove the plaque.
We recommend using mouthwash for added refreshment after brushing.

Q. Can you use it with dental braces?

A. Yes, the test results show that it cleans effectively even with dental braces, as shown below.

Q. Do you need to use dental floss?

A. Roll’n Catch is designed to remove plaque even between the teeth and gums, however to remove the food particles stuck between the teeth, we recommend using dental floss.

Q. What age is suitable for Roll’n Catch for kids?

A. It is suitable for ages 2 to 10. Ladies with small mouth may prefer kids size to better reach the back teeth. The diameter of the head is as follows.
 Adoult:15mm / 0.59in
 Kid:13mm / 0.51in

Q. Is it patented?

A. Yes, it is patented as follows.

JP : 5783435 / EP : 3135155 / CN : 106535708 / US : 20170156481
Pub. No.:WO/2017/006473 / Publication Date: 12.01.2017

Q.Who conducted the clinical trials?

A. Tokyo Medical and Dental University had conducted a clinical trial of Roll’n Catch and proved that it is effective for plaque removal. *URL

Q. Where can I buy it?

A. We are preparing to sell on ebay by the end of 2019.

Q. Do you sell wholesale?

A. Yes, please contact us. We will send price list.

<Voice of Customers>

As dental professionals, we recommend brushing your teeth by “Scrubbing method”, placing the brush at a 90°angle and brushing with gentle vibrating movement. It can be a long and tedious process, but with Roll’n Catch, you can easily apply this method and will only take about 3 mins. 
From Dentists

Roll’n Catch is simply revoluntaionary! If a standard toothbrush was a broom, Roll’n Catch would be a vacuum cleaner.It has changed the basic concept of brushing teeth and has drawn a lot of attention.
From Sales staff of dental equipments shop in Tokyo Medical and Dental University

I was blown away. I had a problem with bad breath, so I also use it to clean my tongue.Gum massage has also improved my oral care. I don’t think I can live with out it now.
From Office worker

I bought it for my little girl. She has always hated brushing her teeth, but now she loves brushing with Roll’n Catch because it doesn’t hurt at all. I was happy to hear her dentist say that her teeth are “very clean”.
From Housewife

My dentist advised me to “carefully brush each tooth by gently vibrating the toothbrush”. I had a hard time following this, but with Roll’n Catch, it was so easy. All I had to do was lightly roll and my teeth became amazingly smooth.
From Office worker

I was attracted to its soft bristles that won’t damage my gums. It really was good as they say. I’m so glad I found such a wonderful toothbrush.
From Housewife


Roll’n Catch is a powerful plaque remover, time-saving and easy on the wallet (Key points: Shorter brushing time、works as a gum massaging brush and a tongue brush too).


<Product  Specifications>

Product typeRegularKids
ColorBlue / PinkBlue / Pink
Bristle Number17,60013,200
Bristle Thickness0.076mm / 0.0003in0.076mm / 0.0003in
Head diameter15mm / 0.59in13mm / 0.51in
Head width9mm / 0.35in6mm / 0.24in
Product length 177mm / 7.0in141mm / 5.6in
Heatproof temp.90℃ / 194℉90℃ / 194℉
Package Size50×20×238mm
Gross Weight33g / 1.16oz27g / 0.95oz
Material (Head)NYLONNYLON
Material (Body)PSTGPSTG